Planning Learning Spaces

What are the implications for education in a world changed by Covid-19?

In this new world, it is more important than ever that children feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. 

We need to realise a new vision for education, adapting our learning spaces to the current environment.

Planning Learning Spaces – The Book

Murray Hudson and Terry White have brought together educationalists and innovative school architects to pool their collective expertise and inspire the design of more intelligent learning spaces.

This collaboration shows the importance of understanding the intended learning and teaching approach before thinking about the physical design of schools and classrooms.

Sir Ken Robinson – who inspired much of the book, and kindly wrote the foreword – sadly died in August 2020. His work and vision will not be forgotten.

Planning Learning Spaces – The magazine

Published three times a year, Planning Learning Spaces magazine keeps you up to date with current thinking for architects, designers and school leaders.

 Spring 2022, Arts Special – Music, dance, art, makerspaces and more!  Why accessing the arts in schools is more important than ever.  We explore the decline of music exam entries and speak to one dancer from the Royal Ballet who lighlights the value of dance to students.
And much more.

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Planning Learning Spaces in practice

For schools that want to improve their learning environments but need support with the process of change, help is available from the team behind the best-selling book Planning Learning Spaces

The Planning Learning Spaces Design Framework helps schools to translate their educational vision into learning space design principles. Schools are guided through a reflective process, building the link between curriculum and design through a structured framework. We work with lead staff and other appropriate stakeholders through a series of workshops, which can be delivered online or in person.

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The Planning Learning Spaces book is now available

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