There is a  very interesting article in the Telegraph about the concept of online only schools.  PLS contributor Gary Spracklen is quoted throughout the article.

You can read the full article online at The Telegraph and some of Gary’s input is below:

Spracklen says, ‘There has been an exponential growth in interest in and use of Edtech since the pandemic started. I’ve spent the past ten years trying to interest people in it, but now my phone never stops ringing. The Oak National Academy, an online school created by teachers during the pandemic, has also pushed the agenda forward.” 

Research conducted by NCS found that 42 per cent of teens aged 16-17 years old are concerned about loneliness and 33 per cent about mental health. Spracklen agrees, saying, “Social interaction in the dining hall and playground are equally as important as academic education. It helps build a rounded individual,” But he adds, “That’s not to say these things can’t be delivered via an online model.”

And then Gary gets the final word…

This concept is close to Spracklen’s ideal school of the future – a ‘hybrid model’ in which students who need or want to can study online even in the state system, while bricks and mortar schools exist both for education and as social hubs, with facilities open to the community. “This way nobody is locked out of learning,” he says. “It can only be a positive move, and I welcome it.”