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Week 8

Staff at Trumpington Park Primary School are pleased about having their newly designed learning space available, ready for students to use at the start of the Summer term. Reflecting on their new Year 4 learning environment, teachers Emma Norman and Anna Patuck give...

Designer Mary Featherston “brooks no passengers or pessimists”, writes Richard Leonard

In the latest edition of Planning Learning Spaces magazine we look at visionaries shaping worldwide education. Architect Richard Leonard of Hayball Architects nominated Mary Featherston – here is why.  

The A4LE Covid Classroom Challenge

Some of the contributors to Planning Learning Spaces were delighted to take part recently in the first A4le UK #eduDesign challenge. It asked how schools will cope living with Covid-19 and specifically how to design a multi-disciplinary learning space for 30 pupils...

Planning Learning Spaces is in the news!

We were delighted to have Planning Learning Spaces featured in the UK’s leading educational magazine, the TES (formerly the Times Educational Supplement).  The publication featured an in-depth examination of some of the research highlighting the importance of factors...

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